1 Favorite movie vampires?
J – I’d have to say Gary Oldman, with Antonio Banderas and Frank Langela not far behind. I’m also REALLY looking forward to seeing Luke Evans as Dracula.
E – Gary Oldman was so vulnerable and romantic, but for me he’s a close (really close) second to Brad Pitt. And Selene!
Now that we’ve seen DRACULA UNTOLD, Luke Evans is number #1 for both of us.

2 Favorite book vampires?
J – Ahh. Armand. And of course Mr. Northman (for those blonde days) ☺
E – Eric. Eric. Eric. My eternal thanks to Charlaine Harris for creating Mr. Northman.

3 Favorite werewolves?
J – Our hero, Odin, of course!
E – I was surprised by our secondary hero, Egon, who stole almost every scene he was in for me. Characters sometimes have a way of doing that. And now I love him so much I hope we get to write something in his POV.

4 Favorite television shows?
J – Walking Dead. Actually, scratch that. While I love Darryl Dixon…the Property Brothers win. Jonathon Scott (sorry Drew) would make an amazing werewolf. Did you see him in a kilt? ☺ I want to put him in one of our stories, but haven’t decided if he will be a bad werewolf or a nice one! And I love my weekend morning routine with Giada DeLaurentis and Ina Garten.
E – OUTLANDER! Also Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead and anything paranormal. And because I have two left feet, So You Think You Can Dance. By the way, I think Drew would make a great vampire. ☺

5 Favorite non-paranormal characters?
J – Agnes and the minions from Dispicable Me.
E – Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. And Jamie Fraser.